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BOOK NOW - PHONE: 1300 666 559
BOOK NOW - PHONE: 1300 666 559


Hire the Battlefield Live Equipment & Game at your Place

New: Rent the Gear and have the Games are your Place

You can rent the Battlefield LIVE gear and game at your place.

We have two themes:

  • Battle Games
    • 10 pack Cobras with Red Dot scope - an "Awesome Party in a Box"
    • 10 pack Scorpions with Red Dot Scope - "Fun in a Box"
    • Option - add the option Domintiion Box to your battle games.
  • Zombie Games.
    • 12 pack Zombies (combo of Cobras & Scorpions)

FPS at Home

When you rent our laser tag equipment you can run battle scenarios at home.

Ten gamers can play at once for the battle games.

Zombie Games at Home

Put your best zombie get-up to use at Battlefield UNDEAD and make it an event to remember. Now with Battlefield UNDEAD, you can experience a horror themed battlefield with our easy to use DIY packages.

Turn your place into the ultiamte Zombie proof fortress and spend the night fighting off the Zombie hordes or try and survive the Zombie Domination.

Everything is preconfigured so the game is easy to run, it is turnkey.

Large or small Battlefield UNDEAD has packs to suit different events.


Rent the Gaming Inflatables

You can also rent the gaming inflatables. Call for more info - 1300 666 559