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BOOK NOW - PHONE: 1300 666 559

Kokoda Challenge

 Kokoda Challenge

12 Hour Game 

Kokoda Challenge Live Play

 For a discussion on the mission see


Mission Briefing: 

Australian Initial Armament

10% Lewis LMG, 47 round pan, 11.8kg, bipod (Lewis Mark 1, Morita SAW).

Unlimited No 1, Mark 3 SMLE rifle (Lee-enfi

eld SMLE, Commando)

10% Owen SMG (Short range, Scorpion)

1 x Enfield Revolver as a sidearm for the designated officer.

Lewis gun must be fired from bipod or resting on solid object.

Bren LMG which can be fired un-aimed from the hip or aimed from then prone position as per the lewis. Bren not initially available, Lewis guns are upgraded to Bren’s when availability is indicated by scenario.

Date: Sat 14-01-2012
Time: 10:00 - 22:00
(registration opens at 09:00)
Location: Karingal Camp, Karingal Rd, Mt Cotton
(the main base will be at the Bimbimbi site)
Price: $77 per person ($70 for own gun or season/annual pass discount)
Mission: Based on events from Kokoda.
Breaks: There will be 2 x 1 hour meal breaks (BYO food)
Japanese Armament

  • Unlimited 7.7mm Type 99 Rifle Commando (SATR Mosin-Nagant Rifle)
  • Max 20% of 6.5mm Taisho 11th Year Gun LMG – Morita SAW ( SATR Bren MkII LMG)
  • Max 10% Type 100 submachine gun - Spitfire (SATR M-3 Grease Gun)
  • 1 x 8mm Nambu 14th Pistol – Saber Pistol(SATR Nambu 14 Shiko) as a side arm for designated officer.

Jamming is enabled.

NEWS: Major Block has agreed to help me run this Game. He will be in charge of the Australians. Block has more than 20 years military experience with the Australian army in a wide variety of roles especially combat engineering and has served on multiple tours of duty. He also has experience running Battlefield LIVE sessions and was the primary author of last January's 12 hour game based in Normandy 1944 - US paratroopers. These days Block only joins us once per year for this special event


Generally the Australians will have more hit points due to defense advantage plus be in better positions mostly so we can expect much higher Japanese casaulties than Australians, for this reasons for each Australian killed, the Japanese will received 2.34 VP. For each Japanese killed the Australians get 1VP. Penalties will apply if a force fails to follow orders or laid down doctrine.



Our main force has now landed at Buna. The overall command of our force is Colonel Yosuke Yokoyama. Lieutenant Colonel Hatsuo Tsukamoto has been given the honour of seizing the airstrip at Kokoda, and then to conduct a reconnaissance-in-force along the Kokoda Track towards Port Morseby. Our forces consist of elements of 5th Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force, and elements of the 144th Regiment and 41st Regiment.

The enemy is greatly inferior to us, we can expect little opposition. It is vital however that Kokoda air field is seized as that will prevent the enemy flying in supplies and reinforcements and will allow rapid resupply of our troops.

Power, determination and speed. This is our path to victory. We will defeat their forces and bring honour to Japan and our emperor.

Your Sou-Chou [1st Sergeant] has spoken. Take your positions.

For the Emperor!

What to bring:

* Water

* Meals and snack

* Good qualitity foot wear, the mission is played over a large area

* Sun and insect protection

* Pack to carry basic supplies like water

* Radios if you have them but not essential

* Camo gear (Camo hire, and sale of face paint and scrim net available on day)


Bookings are essential.


Major General is the commander of New Guinea Force with orders to secure the area and prepare to oppose an enemy advance along the Kokoda Track. This force is called the Maroubra Force. Your members of the 100 strong B company of the Australian 39th Battalion that have travelled overland on the arduous trip from Port Morseby to Kokoda. Your orders are to secure the airstrip. The airstrip is key to resupply and reinforcements.

Captain Sam Templeton is in charge of the B company. Our 39th Battalion is a militia unit part of the Australian Citizens' Military Forces, often referred to as “Chockos” because the main volunteer AIF soldiers expect you will melt under the pressure of real combat.

News has arrived of a major enemy landing at Buna on the North Coast. Only the militia stand in their way from reach Port Morseby and from their invading Australia.

This will be real rough but I know you blokes will see it through.